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Band sawing is our passion and the profession is in our blood. We are happy to share that passion with our customers.

Our employees can be reached by telephone on working days between 08:00 and 17:00.
You can also ask your question by e-mail, by sending a message to info@lintzagenopmaat.nl.

Questions about band saws

What cutting speed do you recommend for my material to be sawn?

Material Type band saw Cutting speed mtr/min
wood / plastic Carbon bandsaw / Hardpoint / Chrome steel / Ripper 900 – 1800
foam / foam rubberCarbon bandsaw / Bandknife Edge / Bandknife 14TPI900 - 1800
foodBandknife Edge / Wavy / Scallop / Freshcut900 - 1800
aluminium Carbon bandsaw / Bimetal M42 - M51 100 – 700
copper Carbon bandsaw / Bimetal M42 - M51 80 – 300
carbon steel Bimetal M42 - M51 60 – 90
stainless steel Bimetal M42 - M51 30 – 50
steel Bimetal M42 - M51 60 – 80

How do I know what tension my band saw needs?

Type band saw PSI * kPA*
Carbon bandsaw 15 - 20 100 - 40
Hardpoint15 - 20100 - 40
Chrome steel15 - 20100 - 40
Freshcut15 - 20100 - 140
Bandknifes15 - 20100 - 140
Bimetal M42 - M51 25 - 30 170 - 210
Ripper 25 - 30 170 - 210

*Check your machine for the correct tension value.

Note: the values in the table mainly correspond to the tension meter that is offered in our webshop.

I don't know the length of my band saw, how do I find this?

If this is not indicated on your band saw, you can put a piece of string around the wheels of the machine and then place them along a measuring tape.

Can I offer my band saw for re-sharpening?

Bandsaws with coarse teeth such as Ripper37, Hardpoint and Chrome Steel can be re-set and sharpened. This will get even more value out of your band saw. Band saws with fine teeth, on the other hand, cannot be re-sharpened, as soon as they are blunt, it is better to buy a new one.

Questions about your order

Can I still cancel my order?

If you want to cancel your order, it's good to act quickly! Who knows, you may still be on time and our specialists have not yet started working on your order. If we have already performed the work, we are forced to charge this.

Can I return or exchange my order?

Unfortunately, you cannot return or exchange a custom product. A band saw via custombandsaws.com is made specifically for you and cannot be re-sold online. Therefore, these products are excluded from the right of withdrawal.

I have not yet received my package, what now?

Have you checked the Track and Trace code and it appears that something is wrong with your package? Please contact us by e-mail info@lintzagenopmaat.nl. If you do not receive the package the next day, it is also possible that DHL has a delay. Unfortunately we have no influence on this.

Do you have any questions?
Heb je nog vragen?

Do you have any questions?

Would you rather be personally advised in finding the right saw? We will gladly assist you. With over 30 years of experience on board, we're confident we can answer your questions so you can get started quickly!

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