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Hobby & modelbouw
Hobby & modelbouw

Hobby & model building

Band saws don't just have industrial or commercial applications; They can also come in handy if you want to enjoy a hobby.

Whether you are building a piece of furniture, model airplane or dollhouse; there is always something to see. Custombandsaws.com has exactly the right band saw for you.

Carbon bandsaw
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€ 9,52 incl. VAT
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Icon application Hobby & model building Icon application Wood Icon application Fish Icon application Meat
From € 11,17 excl. VAT
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Chrome steel
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Icon application Hobby & model building Icon application Wood
From € 14,92 excl. VAT
€ 18,05 incl. VAT
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Band saws especially for hobby & model making:

At Custom Band Saws we do not only have industrial or business applications. Also as a hobbyist, you have come to the right place.

As a hobbyist you are constantly faced with challenging projects. It’s of course nice to complete projects successfully and fulfilled, no matter the project. To achieve this, it’s very important to have the right tools.

Wood projects

Building furniture is a common wood project. Naturally, you want a smooth cut without splintering the wood. Depending on the type of wood and the project, you choose which band saw is best suited. For example, the Hardpoint band saw is ideal for cutting harder woods such as: oak, beech, ash and chestnut. The Chrome Steel Band Saw has a hardness of 50 HRC and is ideal for clean wood, carpentry/furniture and construction lumber.

The Carbon Steel Band Saw

The Carbon Steel Band Saw is a wide-ranging and versatile band saw. For example, the carbon steel band saw comes in different toothing and widths, this makes the band saw very suitable for a large types of materials. Consider:

  • Soft wood and hard wood;
  • Pallets recycling;
  • Plastic and non-ferrous;
  • MDF;
  • Chipboard.

The band saw is unique due its extreme precision and versatility. Its flexible back allows the carbon steel to absorb blows during the project.

Metal projects

For metal projects, we recommend the Bimetal band saws. The Bimetal M42 band saw is well suited for metal and non-ferrous materials. The Bimetal M42 battery saw is specifically intended for battery saws of the brands: Bosch, DeWalt, Hikoki, Makita, Milwaukee and Panasonic.

You can cut rugged materials easily with our Bimetal band saws! 


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