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Bandsaw blades made to order

We make bandsaw blades for all popular bandsaws. Whether you need to cut wood, metal, meat and fish, or foam we have the blade to suit your machine. We can supply blades in a wide variety of lengths, widths and teeth per inch. You can view our blades by length or by machine manufacturer. If you can't find the length you need we can make custom length blades. All our blades are made in our Leeds factory in the Netherlands. We also ship worldwide.

Bandsaw made to measure

We also offer made to measure blades for any bandsaw - all we need to know is the length, width and tooth pitch. Our experienced team can advise you on choosing the correct tooth pitch for your application.

Custom Band saws

When you need replacement blades for your bandsaw, choose from the quality selection at Custombandsaws.com. Bandsaws are a motorised power tool with a single, slim band of serrated metal which forms the cutting blade. These tools are commonly used in woodworking but can handle a variety of tasks.

What are Bandsaw Blades Used For?

Known for their versatility, our band saw blades are available in vertical bandsaw, horizontal bandsaw, and portable models. You can find a wide range of bandsaw blades for tackling different materials, including wood, timber, plastic and metal. Bandsaw blades have enhanced teeth and operate at a slower speed for metalworking where we recommend the BI metal Bandsaw blades, but they can also be used for general purpose cutting. Look for hard teeth and a flexible back for a long cutting life on mild and low alloy steels, plastics and wood.

At Custombandsaws.com, we offer a top-quality selection of carbon bandsaw blades from trusted brands.

Bandsaws - Metalworking

Metalcutting band saws can offer large cuttingcapacities not achievable with circular blade style saws. At Custombandsaws you'll can order every size, from small benchtop band saws to stationary horizontal/vertical band saws exceeding 10 inch round capacity. Band saw blades are a long-lasting and low cost consumable, reducing the maintenance and operating cost of this type of saw. 

Blades are available in different widths suited for different cutting requirements; thicker blades work well for thicker metal stock and straight cuts, whereas a thinner blade is better suited to cutting curves. Blades with a higher tpi provide a smoother cut edge whereas blades with a lower tpi make light work of cutting through thicker metal stock. We make bandsaws custom at your disposal, and if you need any help, just give us a call or let our selection tool help you out in just 3 clicks.  

Metal bandsaw Bimetal M42

We recommand The Bimetal M42 (SAW37B) band saw for working metal because it is a very robust saw, ideal for cutting metal and non-ferrous metal. It's blade consists of two metals; a high-speed steel strip and a high-strength spring steel alloy. The Bimetal M42 is also highly heat resistant and has a hardness of 67 HRC. Bimetal M42 features an 8% cobalt tip and is available in widths from 6 to 34 mm.

  • Grootste assortiment van Nederland
  • Direct leverbaar uit eigen voorraad
  • Gratis verzending vanaf €100,-
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